Vitality & Immunity Pack


Order your Vitality & Immunity Pack now and make sure you stay fit and healthy*. 

Now that the colder days are coming, your body is more susceptible for virusses and common colds. That’s why it is very important to remain fit and active and boost your immune system. In order to do so, we have composed the ultimate Vitality & Immunity Pack for you that boosts your immune system and supports a fit and active lifestyle*. FitBoost activates your body’s natural energy, which makes it ideal to improve your sports performance*. PerfectProtein is rich in protein and fiber, which makes it ideal for recovery after your workout and also gives you a satiated feeling*. Pyour Active is the ideal on-the-go probiotic solution to boost your immune system*.

  • Stay fit and active*
  • Boost your immune system*


1 FitBoost
1 PerfectProtein
1 Pyour Active
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Vitality & Immunity Pack:
Stay fit and boost your immune system*!

FitBoost – $55.99
FitBoost is a refreshing drink with green apple taste, that is especially suitable for people with an active lifestyle. The combination of Isomaltulose with Maltodextrin, results in a fast and slow energy supply to the brain and body*. The formulation is enriched with Panax ginseng, Guaraná, L-theanine, Iodine and Vitamin B5, which activates the body’s natural energy*. FitBoost provides extra focus and sharpness to quickly improve your performance*.
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PerfectProtein – $44.99
PerfectProtein is the ideal addition to an active lifestyle. It is full of Lupine, a great source of plant-based protein supplemented with milk protein isolate. Great for recovery, building muscle and strong bones*. In addition, our shake is enriched with Garcinia Cambogia because it supports appetite suppression and Inulin because it’s the ideal source of fiber that gives you a satiated feeling*.
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Pyour Active – $39.99
Pyour Active is a great tasting probiotic formula designed in an on-the-go solution. The product contains well documented probiotic strains, which have been carefully selected due to their benefits in supporting a healthy immune system*. To enhance the effect of the probiotics, Vitamin B2, C, D and Zinc have been selected, because of their fundamental role in maintaining a strong immune system*.
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