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Activates your body’s natural energy*
FitBoost is a refreshing drink with green apple taste, that is especially suitable for people with an active lifestyle. The combination of Isomaltulose with Maltodextrin, results in a fast and slow energy supply to the brain and body*. The formulation is enriched with Panax ginseng, Guaraná, L-theanine, Iodine and Vitamin B5, which activates the body’s natural energy*. FitBoost provides extra focus and sharpness to quickly improve your performance*.

  • Improve your cognitive and mental performance*
  • Gives a sustained energy release to improve sports performance*
  • Only 35 calories per drink


28 sachets per box
1 sachet: 10 g
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5 reviews for FitBoost

  1. Ruben

    Love this product, great energy boost!

  2. Camila

    Great taste and it really gives me the energy to give everything during my work-out. I can last just a little longer.

  3. Nancy

    Me encanto el producto es uno de mis favorito porque energía constante.

  4. Monica

    Great mental focus and energy ! Love to use this product before my morning workout.

  5. Aida

    I love it…. Great energy and taste soooo good…

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