Privacy Policy


This website (excluding sites linked to it) is operated by us, NutraLinea Inc., a company based in Florida (“NutraLinea”).

This privacy statement discloses, among other things, what information is collected by us on this website, how we use it and how the information is protected.

Why does NutraLinea collect what information?

On certain parts of the website you will be asked to provide your (personal) data, such as your name, e-mail address and/or address details. We may use this information for various purposes. You will find an overview below:

  1. Orders
    When you place an order with us we ask for your first and last name, company name (optional), your address and email address. We do this to be able to create the shipping label to be able to deliver the order to your desired address. This information is also required for the invoice. Through your email address we will keep you informed about your order and you will receive the invoice.
  2. Account
    When you place an order with us, an account is automatically generated for you. This contains your previously entered data and your order history. We do this so that you no longer have to pay shipping costs after your first order. You will receive your password via email and we also explain how you can easily delete your account if you wish. If you send us an email, we will even do this directly for you.
  3. Forms
    On our contact forms we will ask you for your name and email address so that we can email you back and get back to you to answer your question.
  4. Reviews
    When you write a review about NutraLinea or our products, you can choose to do it anonymously or not.
  5. Shipment of your order
    To ship your order we use the well-known Dutch distribution parties. This logically requires that they can view your address details. We require that these parties handle your details with care.


Certain information is collected by means of cookies. A cookie is a small text file that a server can place on your computer’s hard drive. In addition to cookies, similar techniques ensure that a system can actually collect and send information. These techniques include Javascripts and web beacons. These techniques are used in almost all webshops in order to be able to make purchases in a good and fast way. A cookie contains information about you as a visitor to the website. Cookies can be used to collect certain information during your visit to the website, such as the specific parts of the website visited by you and the services you use on the website. We collect this information to better tailor our website and services to your interests and needs and for marketing purposes. Cookies are also used to remember passwords, usernames and preferences.

We use cookies to:

  • Make browsing our web shop more fun and easier for you;
  • You do not have to enter the same information for your account every time you visit our web shop;
  • We can offer you special functionalities such as your shopping cart;
  • We can measure how our webshop is used and how we can make it even better;
  • We can show you advertisements based on your product preference;
  • We can recognize which device and browser you are using when you visit our website;
  • We can record how often an ad is shown to you to prevent you from seeing the same ad over and over again.

Functional or necessary cookies
Functional or necessary cookies ensure that our website functions properly. As examples:

  • Notifying you of an unfinished order so that you don’t lose the items in the shopping cart;
  • The possibility to save your login details so that you do not have to enter them every time;
  • An even load on the website so that it is easily accessible and continues to work optimally;
  • The detection of possible abuse or problems in our webshop, for example, by registering consecutive failed login attempts.

Analytical cookies
We use, with the help of third parties, analytical cookies to investigate the use of the web shop. These statistics give us insight into how often we are visited and where we can improve our webshop. For example, the following data is stored:

  • The IP address that is made anonymous;
  • Technical characteristics, such as the browser you use (such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox), the resolution of your computer screen, your language preference and which device you use;
  • From which page you came to the online store;
  • When and how long you visit or use the online store;
  • Whether you use the different functionalities of the web shop..;
  • Which pages you visit on our website.

For example, we use these cookies to:

  • Keep track of the number of visitors to our webshop;
  • To measure how long a visit lasts;
  • Determine the order in which a visitor visits the different pages of our webshop.

Marketing cookies
To keep recommendations, promotions and advertisements relevant, we use cookies. These marketing cookies make it possible:

  • we can keep track of what ads you’ve already seen;
  • we can keep track of how many times you’ve seen an ad;
  • we can keep track of how many times you’ve seen an ad; we can keep track of how many times you’ve seen an ad; we can prevent you from seeing the same ad over and over again;
  • we can track whether you click on the ads;
  • we can track whether you place orders after you see or click on an ad;
  • we can combine your online browsing, searching, and buying behaviour regardless of which device you are using;
  • by combining these features, we can assess your advertising interest and tailor the ads we show you in our online store and on third party websites.

Advertising networks and media agencies act as intermediaries for webshops and advertisers. For the cookies that these parties place for marketing purposes, we refer you to the statements on the websites of these parties. The following parties place cookies and/or other techniques on our webshop:

Browser settings
If you do not want websites to be able to store cookies on your computer, you can adjust your browser settings. You will then receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adjust your settings so that your browser rejects all cookies or only third-party cookies. You can also delete cookies that have already been placed. Please note that you must adjust the settings separately for each browser on each device you use. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that if you do not want to use cookies, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that our webshop works properly. It is possible that some features of the shop may be lost or you may not be able to see certain pages at all. In addition, refusing cookies does not mean that you will no longer be able to see advertisements. The advertisements are no longer adapted to your interests and will be repeated more often.

Where and for how long will your data be stored?

Your data is stored behind our SSL secured server and only for the above mentioned reasons. Your order data is stored as long as your account is active. Cookies are deleted after one month.

For information about your stored data or if you would like us to delete your data, please feel free to contact us. We will take care of this for you within 4 weeks.

To whom can NutraLinea provide information?

It may be necessary to provide your details to a third party so that we can supply you with a product that you have ordered from us. These third parties may only use the data for the above purposes. Any other use is prohibited.

Furthermore, NutraLinea will not provide your details to other third parties without your prior consent, unless it is obliged to do so on the basis of a statutory provision or a court ruling.

Is NutraLinea responsible for other websites?

The website may contain references (for example by means of a hyperlink, banner or button) to other sites that relate to a specific aspect of this website. This does not automatically mean that NutraLinea is linked to these other sites or their owners. We are therefore not responsible for the compliance with privacy legislation by these third parties.

How does NutraLinea protect the data?

NutraLinea takes care of appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect your (personal) data against loss and against any form of unlawful processing. Your data is stored behind our SSL secured server and only for the above mentioned reasons.

What rights do you have?

You have the right to ask NutraLinea what (personal) data it processes about you. NutraLinea will respond to this request (in writing) within four weeks. You can then request NutraLinea to supplement, correct or delete these data or you can indicate that these data may not be used for direct marketing purposes.

Can this privacy statement be changed?

NutraLinea may decide to change this privacy statement in the future if, for example, to the extent permitted by law, we will process other (personal) data and/or provide this data to third parties not mentioned in this privacy statement.

Where can you go for questions and requests?

If you have any questions or requests about NutraLinea’s privacy policy, please contact us:

NutraLinea Inc.
100 SW 10th Street, Suite 908
Miami, Florida 33130