Fitness is healthy – 8 convincing reasons to start exercising now

Exercise is healthy and not just because it makes you fit. Those who exercise regularly notice all kinds of positive changes in life. A top 8 of important reasons to exercise for inspiration and motivation!

1. Exercising gives you more energy

Do you feel sluggish and you really can’t drag yourself off the couch to take action? Then realise in the future that by moving just as well, your body will get fully going. Your heart and lungs are put to work, providing extra oxygen and improving your blood circulation. After just a few weeks of regular exercise you will feel more energetic and you will feel more like doing things. Try to exercise at fixed times or meet someone to keep up the regularity and to be able to keep up more easily. In the beginning you may have to push yourself a bit, but once you get used to it, you don’t want to do anything else.

2. Exercising provides relaxation
By exercising, you not only create substances that make your body feel relaxed, you also clear your head immediately. With an empty head you can then look freshly at your challenges and gain new insights and points of view.

3. You get less stress
If you suffer from a constant feeling of stress, exercise is an ideal way to clear your mind and become more peaceful. During exercise, stress hormones are removed. By exercising, your body produces the lucky hormones endorphins and serotonin, making you feel happier. With almost one-third of the US population suffering from stress, sport is no unnecessary luxury.

4. Good for your brain and memory
Various studies have shown that regular exercise is important for your brain. Not only is your body on edge during exercise and everything works at full speed, your brain also becomes sharper as a result. Because of the higher energy level and the serotonin that is released in your brain, you can think better and clearer.

5. It is good for your heart
Exercise affects the main causes of heart disease. It prevents your veins from clogging up and lowers blood pressure. It also reduces the risk of other risk factors such as diabetes, elevated cholesterol, obesity and arteriosclerosis.

6. You get a better night’s sleep
Regular exercise also improves your sleep. Exercise requires a certain amount of effort from your body, which means that your body needs to relax and rest more at night. Make sure that you do not exercise intensively just before bedtime. Then you might have more trouble getting to sleep, because your body is still in full swing.

7. More self-confidence
Not only does exercise make you more powerful, it also makes you look good and feel great! You feel this and radiate it to others. Because your body gets exercise you feel better in your skin, your posture improves and your self-confidence gets a boost.

8. Exercise increases your metabolism

Probably losing weight was the first thing that came to mind when you thought of reasons to go to the gym. But as you can see, there are many more good reasons to go to the gym. That does not alter the fact that sports (of course) help to keep your weight under control and to improve your physical shape. During exercise you burn calories and create muscle tissue. The more muscle tissue you have, the faster your metabolism becomes. This means that your body can burn calories faster, making it easier for you to stay in shape.


We all know that exercising is important to get in shape. Regular exercise not only keeps your body in shape, but also allows you to take full advantage of all the other benefits that it has to offer. You feel calmer, happier and simply fitter in daily life.

In this way exercising can help you to spend more time in the wonderful outdoors and create a nice moment for yourself, in which you not only work on your body but also empty your head.