No, the Sodium levels of the NutraLinea 5-Day Detox are not bad for your health. Even though it contains a daily Sodium amount of 1.160 mg (60% Daily Value), it is still far below the recommended Daily Value. As NutraLinea, we care about your health and we want you to look good & feel great. Therefore, we always carefully consider the compositions of each of our products. Too much sodium can cause high blood pressure, but sodium is also very important for several crucial processes in the body. This is especially important for people that are on an energy restricted diet due a low sodium intake and people that have a lot of physical activity due the loss of salts including sodium in sweat.

During the 5-Day Detox you are purifying your body and in order to get optimal results and really give your body a break, we ask you to carefully watch your diet. With this we mean that it is important to drink plenty of water and try to eat as healthy as possible. This means avoid eating unhealthy or processed foods, like pizza, snacks, or meat, but also try avoid drinking alcohol and coffee as much as possible during the program.

  • Sodium keeps the body hydrated. It is especially important after physical activity. A lot of salts including sodium are lost in sweat. These salts keep the hydration rate of the body in balance. It is important to refill these salts after or during physical activity.
  • Sodium prevents low blood pressure. Low blood pressure makes the body less strong and thus is not preferable with an active lifestyle.
  • Helps thyroid function properly. The thyroid hormone plays an important role in energy metabolism.