Why we work with
     Certified Advisors

We believe in personal contact and expert advice. That’s why we deliberately choose to have qualified professionals who provide advice on our products. With their knowledge and personal advice, they help our customers reach their goals and make them look good and feel great!

We support our Certified Advisors so they can safely recommend the right products, by providing them with various tools, information packages and training modules. All this enables our advisors to independently advise people on their nutrition and integration of the NutraLinea products in their daily lives.

Are you in the fitness or health industry and passionate about changing people’s lives?

What do we offer?


Premium quality products

Our products are based on the highest quality natural ingredients and are developed by dietitians and nutrition experts.

Extensive training

We offer our advisors extensive training and excellent support so that you can always provide expert advice about our products.

Great commissions

Our advisors add great value to our products. Therefore, we enable them to earn great commissions and help building their business.

No investment & Risk free

We want our advisors to do what they do best, namely advise. This is why we don’t require you to invest anything other than your time and devotion.

Build your team

We enable all our advisors to grow their business by not only building their customer base, but also by building their team of Certified Advisors.

Making money as a
     Certified Advisor

As a Certified NutraLinea Advisor you are able to advise high quality products that people use everyday. You are able to earn money while you provide people with personal advice and help them achieve their personal goals.

As a Certified Advisor, you can make money in three different ways:
1. Earning commissions, by advising products online with your personal code
2. Earning a provided retail margin, by advising NutraLinea products directly
3. Earning referral fees over your own team of Certified Advisors

Get started as a Certified Advisor today!

3 simple steps to become a certified NutraLinea advisor


Sign up & Follow our online training module

After signing up as a NutraLinea Certified Advisor, you will get access to our Online Training Center. Learn about NutraLinea and how to best advise our products, in a fun and interactive way. Learn on the go, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Receive your Advisor Activation Kit for free

Receive your certificate and our Advisor Activation Kit for free. This kit includes cards and sample brochures that will help you get started with promoting and advising our products. You also receive a 50% dicount on your 1st Advisor Starter Kit that will make you acquainted with our products.

Start advising our high quality products

You are able to provide people with personal advice and help them achieve their personal goals. You will earn an additional income while we take care of the rest.

You Inspire, Motivate and Advise
     We take care of the rest

We just want our advisors to do what they do best; INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and ADVISE. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to advise our products and do what you love most, namely helping people reach their goals and make them look good and feel great again!

Therefore, we handle all of those troubling and time-consuming matters usually associated with having your own business, such as taking financial risks, keeping stock, order processing, billing, collecting, shipping and returns. In addition to handling all these back-room tasks, we offer a wide variety of support in terms of materials, training and tools. This makes it easier for you to build and support a your customer base and, if you choose to do so, a certified team of advisors of your own.

Join us now and build a business around the way you live. Start earning extra money, while helping people live a healthy and active life!