We are proud to announce that we have received a true acknowledgement for our values and everything we stand for as a company. We have won the Most Innovative Food Supplements Health Nutrition Brand – Europe awarded by the Global Health & Pharma.

The story of

We have a passion to help people reach their goals and make them look good and feel great! Together with professionals we change people’s lives all over the world. Our dietary supplements are based on Ultra Nutrients. These are natural ingredients, specially selected for the positive effects they have on your health*. They contain high levels of essential nutrients, and we enhance their power by combining them effectively.

Whether you want to control your weight or improve your health and well-being, NutraLinea’s Ultra Nutrients will help your body find balance*. Our products filled with Ultra Nutrients will make you healthier and feel more energetic*!

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    Fit & Active

    The ideal support to improve your performance and get the most out of your active lifestyle*

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    Weight control

    Great support while reaching and maintaining your ideal weight*

Why NutraLinea?

Because you deserve the best support to help you achieve your goals.


Premium quality

Our unique product formulations are developed by dietitians and nutritional experts, making them effective and safe to use on a daily basis.

Natural & Effective

Ultra Nutrients are natural ingredients that contain exceptionally high levels of nutrients and have scientifically proven effects on your health*.

Personal advice

We believe in the importance of personal contact and expert advice to help you achieve your personal goals, take off “look good and feel great”.

Certified Advisors

We believe in personal contact and expert advice. That’s why deliberately choose to have qualified professionals provide advice on our products. With their knowledge and personal advice, they help you reach your personal goals and make you look good & feel great!

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